Celebrate your family! CT Family Photography

Capturing your family in photos is a fantastic way to celebrate them! During family sessions, invite your mom, your sister, and the horsey next door to illustrate how special your crew actual is.

DSC_4301-EditImages of the two of you because parenting can be hard on marriage and it’s so important for your little people to see you together, in print.


We get the image where everyone is looking at the camera with a smile, but goofing off with some directed play has fun results.

This time, aunt ramped everyone up and loving grandparents added to the energy too.

When we made use of the lush serene park aka Grandma’s, we looked for some more adventure…

Sarah Cruz Photography



Baby makes three.

So this baby girl decided to join the world a bit earlier than she maybe should have. She’s got some amazing genes and strong spirit. We’re so happy she is healthy. Even if she wasn’t psyched to be in pictures this particular day. The gal did not crack a smile, but we got some cute images regardless. After shooting a bit outside, we checked out her adorable purple butterfly nursery. She rocked a bit and had a bottle. And then her hands…oh my. Rumor has it she does it with every bottle. So cute! Then just because and since she really can’t do anything about it, that girl got decked out. We’ll share a color version next time when she actually fits the outfit. Ha!






Welcoming a new baby brother – CT Family Photographer

Not a newborn baby specialist,  I prefer the challenge of capturing a delightful laugh of a smirking kid running and looking back to see if you’re following. However, if you add a patient tiny preemie to two spirited brothers, that’s a combination like chocolate & marshmallow. Enjoy the deliciousness.

Welcome baby Chase!

Armed with a special angel & two other brothers that are sure to be “the only people that will bug you for their own entertainment and beat up anyone else who tries.

So happy for the parents of this crew. A house full of boys is the best.




sarahcruzphotography.baby DSC_1918

52 project where I give you a glimpse of the choas at our house once a week. February.

Month of February… weekly photos based on one word description.

5/52 Noise


6/52 My Paradise


7/52 Focused


8/52 Bright