Baby makes three.

So this baby girl decided to join the world a bit earlier than she maybe should have. She’s got some amazing genes and strong spirit. We’re so happy she is healthy. Even if she wasn’t psyched to be in pictures this particular day. The gal did not crack a smile, but we got some cute images regardless. After shooting a bit outside, we checked out her adorable purple butterfly nursery. She rocked a bit and had a bottle. And then her hands…oh my. Rumor has it she does it with every bottle. So cute! Then just because and since she really can’t do anything about it, that girl got decked out. We’ll share a color version next time when she actually fits the outfit. Ha!






Happy 1st Birthday! – CT Family Photographer

Sending warm wishes on her 14th month birthday. Looking forward to positive results for this joyful warrior baby and her loving family. Cake was made by her crafty momma, check her site at

1bdayDSC_3820 DSC_3831DSC_3818  DSC_3837


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52 Project Snippet of each week that made up March 2014

So excited for the month of March, thinking Spring was finally here. Too bad the warmer weather isn’t yet.

9/52 Colorblind

9/52 Colorblind
10/52 Soft

sarah Cruz photography

11/52 Pattern

SCruz photography

12/52 Blue

Scruz Photography

13/52 Vast

Sarahcruzphotography (1 of 1)

52 project where I give you a glimpse of the choas at our house once a week. February.

Month of February… weekly photos based on one word description.

5/52 Noise


6/52 My Paradise


7/52 Focused


8/52 Bright



A people person with the ability to stay calm and roll with it. This translates to my shooting style. Relaxed and intended to be fun, but a trusted advisor to pose you to bring our your best bits. I know how to corral a group of kids, catch a great laugh without dirty dishes in the background and help you figure out what to do with all these photos.sarah