April Chaos at our house one photo a week – CT Family Photographer

Month of April… weekly photos based on one word description provided by a photography community

14/52 Radiate

Sarahcruzphotography (14 of 1)

15/52 White

Sarahcruzphotographywhite (14 of 1)

16/52 Mine


17/52 Pastel


18/52 Moody





52 Project Snippet of each week that made up March 2014

So excited for the month of March, thinking Spring was finally here. Too bad the warmer weather isn’t yet.

9/52 Colorblind

9/52 Colorblind
10/52 Soft

sarah Cruz photography

11/52 Pattern

SCruz photography

12/52 Blue

Scruz Photography

13/52 Vast

Sarahcruzphotography (1 of 1)

52 project where I give you a glimpse of the choas at our house once a week. February.

Month of February… weekly photos based on one word description.

5/52 Noise


6/52 My Paradise


7/52 Focused


8/52 Bright


Weekly story of childhood in 2014

A 52 Project is purposely practicing photography on my family with one word prompts. Using words¬† presented by Sarah Cornish of My 4 Hens Photography, I have one week or sometimes just a day to find a way to capture that word for me. I’m thrilled to participate and hope you enjoy the eye candy that happens at our house.¬† Below is the month of January.

1/52 Imperfection – sometimes there are too many screens…


2/52 Reflection


3/52 Inside


4/52 Joy