South Windsor High School Senior Yearbook Portraits with Family – go SW Bobcats!

Just when we take a breath from making it through all the change of Junior year, we get the info in the mail for senior photos. I’ve been asked by a few people how to handle it and hope this gives you some options and clarity….

To make it easier on our school and guarantee each student it represented, South Windsor High School ONLY allows images from Grin and Barrett (G&B). Glastonbury, Suffield and Manchester use my images, but our school only wants vendor photos. So anything we do together is outside of the yearbook student photo, which means even I will be hiring them to take Ethan’s senior yearbook photo this year.  

They will be onsite at SWHS school for yearbook “classic”

July 24/Sept 5,13,19At South Windsor SchoolBasic, Yearbook Only

E came home with the paperwork. They offer extended in studio sessions. More details are here:

Of course I’d love to work together and think my images would be more thoughtful and personal, but wanted you to know we would celebrate your family and kid outside of the standard yearbook student picture in alphabetically listing. Though if you buy a yearbook page at the back, any images are accepted.  

With me, there are two avenues, some families do a full family session and one or two with their senior alone. Others focus on the senior and add a few with the family. Both are fun and priced a bit different.

Family session added to HS Senior session. This shot was taken in under 15 mins!

For a senior focused session, we think outside the box of a studio or the school’s contract and formula portrait. Everything from styling to choosing your location and theme; the choice is yours. If you want sport related (Robotics, Football, Soccer) or  urban – dressed up and formal or  casual, or organic style – I’m happy to talk out locations that would reflect that and all your facets. These sessions include some digital images and start at $225.*

*As an add on to a senior session with family – typically, the whole family and I meet up first, we do about 20 mins together with the family, then one parent stays behind with the senior to make their photos. Plan for an hour once the family has left.

Another option is a regular family session which starts at $295. In a family session, I always take images of each kid alone, but will add a few extra of your senior. It isn’t as indepth with

My cell is 860.819.6001 and students are welcome to shoot me messages about outfits, props and ideas. The more we communicate what you are looking for the better we will achieve it. Some families and seniors like to send me photos of their clothes ahead. 

I typically photograph in the evenings around 5:30 since the sun sets this time of year after or on the weekends, early mornings or late in the day to accommodate the sun.  I need about an hour depending on how many outfit changes you plan. I’m fast and will have quite a selection of images for you.


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