Headshots that reflect your brand, CT Portrait photography

What a drag to get your image made for work, until you start talking about how you want to be presented. I love when people call and say they HAVE to get their picture, especially when they say they don’t like getting their image made.

We all need to haveScreen Shot 2018-05-16 at 10.01.25 PM a nice capture especially for LinkedIn which adds so much value to your profile. The pre session conversation is the key.

Teresa wanted some images to show her approachable service to clients. So we decided outside rather than with a backdrop would be best.Sarahcruzheadshot1

She put a thought into her outfit. The best idea is to match your outfit to your eye color, but she had amazing golden eyes, so a dark color felt right. This is our focus for a headshot. What feels right. Don’t go with anything too trendy which would date your image. Be considerate of the setting and then relax. This will project confidence.sarahcruzheadshot3

During our session, I will direct and advise. Naturally curious about people, I’ve been told I’m so distracting in conversation, there’s no getting self conscience because it’s over before you know it!

I move a bit to be sure we have good light and ask you to try different locations, sit, stand, turn this way and that. Until I have a few choices for you to look through.


Then we’ll get to your favorite. And hopefully you’ll give me a glowing review like Teresa did on Yelp and send me a message like this one…

“I am using that pic for everything! Facebook, LinkedIn, Work pics, head shot for my bio (I have an upcoming speaking gig) and anything else I can think of  LOL 
I have gotten a ton of compliments! Thank you  !!!”
I’ve written other articles on headshots here

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