For the love of weddings. CT Family Photographer

_dsc0186During the rain storm yesterday, I planned to pull some images for a wedding inquiry and next thing I knew the kids were walking in off the bus.


Only a few galleries were easily accessible and yet I fell right down the rabbit hole. Why are we so drawn to the romantic charm of a wedding?


So I’m sharing some of my favorites from the galleries I had on hand.Who doesn’t like details? The dress, bouquet, rings, fancy shoes, venue…

_dsc0687How the groom enters, what’s his response when she does…


I thought it was about relationship, but a quick google search revealed not only that , it also our joy in ceremony.”rituals help people transition …and savor the milestone they have just reached.” Michael Norton of Harvard Business School in this article

Each new commitment is unique as the couple and  I always tear up.


They are beaming, proud, happy. Because all the planning has come to this.

Then there is the excitement of the party with your dearest friends and family.

After formal family shots, it’s my favorite, images to keep as a mint new couple.




On to the party.




When that weighty invite arrives in the mail, get excited to embrace all the tidbits but mostly fall a little more in love. Because their love validates your love.



Who doesn’t love a wedding? Wanna read more? loved this article too. Had to post my adoration for the ceremony because truly I love to photograph relationships. Family photography in South Windsor CT is my joy. _dsc0640



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