Headshots like a superhero, CT portrait photography

Straightening the bowtie and vintage lenses before taking a deep breath for a lean in. The recent UCONN Law Graduate shoots me a crDSC_0269ooked grin and as the eye sparkles, I know we just made a pretty powerful photo. I had to tell Jess about the light bulb that just went off in my head. That head shots are about bringing out your inner hero. The response was a laugh and reveal that the image on my site of the youngest as a Super was what clinched my being hired.

Photographing kids in their Halloween outfits is such a treat because they BELIEVE IT and are owning that character. Once its determined who they are, the setting helps remind them. A head shot session is an opportunity to be your most super!  Of course you’d likeDSC_2827 to look professional, but what is appealing to anyone from clients looking for trustworthiness or employers seeking reliability is that inner superhero. Channeling that creates the indefinable spark to make your head shot stand out. Embody what you bring to the table, what makes you be you and embrace your first impression.DSC_2842

For Jess, setting was important, we wanted to highlight a lawyerness, but also the uniqueness and fun. Such a friendly and quick to smile person, full of options with clothing and even eyeglass frames. Even after a few minutes together I was compelled to capture the alive and energized attitude, it was fun to see that personality light up inside the stodgy library with shelves of books on terrorism.  (glad finals were over because we weren’t very quiet in there). Light was important to freshen the look and we used a reflector to give the eyes that extra sparkle.

Because Jess was game for using any part of the library, we did, but also wanted to use UCONN as a backdrop. We created a formal image with the cap, gown and tricky hood. (Thank you YouTube for the video how to wear it!)

Course just when my new pal is thinking we’re all done, I can’t stop and need a few moreDSC_2873 shots. This was fantastic, because the receptiveness in the eyes beamed right into my lens.

Congratulations Jess!

So put a bit of thought into setting and outfit for your headshot. Best idea is to match your outfit to your eye color. This is our focus for a headshot. Don’t go with anything too trendy which would date your image. Be considerate of the setting and then relax. This will project confidence. During our session, I will direct and advise. Naturally curious about people, I’ve been told I’m so distracting in conversation, there’s no getting self conscience because it’s over before you know it!


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