Celebrating 13 Bat Mitzvah – South Windsor Family Photographer


After attending my first Bar Mitzvah two DSC_2968weeks ago then capturing the efforts of Emma and her family for her Bat Mitzvah, I adore a whole new faith. Thrilled to meet the night before her big day, our plan was to get some action shots ahead as cameras are not allowed during the service. Freshly 13, it’s a wondrous time as she manages the growing limbs like a young doe and makes quick eye contact during introductions. Wondrously, as we walked into synagogue and Emma takes her place at the podium, her confidence is heard in her beautifully practiced signing of the torah.  Her parents and teachers are proud, but most important, she is.

DSC_3042 DSC_3096

The following morning, I swung by to see her get ready and capture the quiet moments before the event. It’s understandable how a ritual’s meaning can be lost amid flashy parties and clothes. As in any aspicious occassion, everyone looked their best, but it was charming and tender to see the emphasis on family, love, and determination here. Congratulations, the best is yet to come.


DSC_3161 DSC_3146  DSC_3181 DSC_3190

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