Earning respect from an 11 yr old boy

Sarah Cruz Photography
screen time inside the fort.

This can be a difficult pursuit, until you decide to do something different as a team. Inspired by a brilliant simple idea to build a fort up. Instead of crawling to enter, this ‘elephant’ fort of fellow photographer of real life and relationships Davina Fear made one with her family you can stand in! You can get instructions here: http://www.davinafear.com/…/how-to-build-an-elephant…/ 

We used a bunch of clothes pins. It was in our entry, so very tall. Everyone enjoyed it more when we swirled the sheets and clipped them together near the bottom. This made it almost like a cone shape, but gave a nice cocoon cozy feel. Working together, my oldest was so impressed with the outside the box thinking. I gave him a yes on every suggestion and was rewarded with “gosh mom, you’re like an architect”.  Occupied for screen time and reading. They even slept in it. If you made a fort of your own, share it! Tag me in a photo on Facebook or send me a link below. Don’t forget to add lots of Xmas lights.




One thought on “Earning respect from an 11 yr old boy

  1. Sarah!! That’s fantastic! I love hearing that you worked together. Sometimes that part can be challenging. It sounds like you went into the whole experience with a we-can-do-this/we-are-a-team attitude. I have to say, that makes a huge difference for us in successful fort building. I’m so glad you tagged me! Way to go on creating such an awesome cocoon fort! 🙂


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